Book Launch – Embody Your Potential

Embody Your Potential

With Kundalini Yoga, Tantric Numerology and The Ten Bodies

Roisin Allana Kiernan

“The UK’s answer to Guru Jagat,” says Hay House author Lucy Sheridan.

Embody Your Potential is a 165 page, modern Kundalini Yoga workbook presenting traditional teachings in a fresh, accessible format. A local, Leeds-based launch is booked in association with the major boutique sportswear label Sweaty Betty and top local studio, Yoga Kula on November 11th (11/11).

This is your invitation to join our exclusive, experiential workshop book launch with the opportunity to buy a signed copy!

The book offers a simple Tantric Numerology calculation using your Date of Birth to give you five key numbers – your challenges and strengths in this lifetime. Numbers that form your very own Tree of Life (roots, branches, seed, flower and fruit – your soul, karma, gift, destiny and path numbers). Numbers that correspond with Kundalini Yoga’s system of The Ten Bodies – giving you kriyas (yoga sets for change) and meditations to help you become more aware of and work through or with these challenges and strengths. An opportunity to cultivate your existence to the best of its ability – to Embody Your Potential.