Autumn Equinox Celebration

Using Kundalini Yoga Sets, Kundalini Meditations, Writing Therapy, Cacao and Gong Baths to Reflect, Restore & Refocus.

The Autumn Equinox is a power point transition date, which can be used to release any negativity, jump start our true self focus, finish old projects and plant seeds for new. Using powerful Kundalini Yoga and Meditations as well as dance, journaling and cacao we’ll free those blocks, install new, positive affirmations and shake out any residual weight with the gong.

It is a natural time of balance and preparation. Day and night are of equal length at this time, with the following days shifting us from longer light to darker nights, preparing us for winter. It’s harvest season – a chance to reap what we’ve sown, give thanks, cleanse and prepare the ground to reflect, restore and refocus.

From a spiritual perspective, the Autumn Equinox is a good time to find balance between our light of consciousness and the darkness of our shadow. It’s also a good time to finish up old projects or plans and plant our own seeds for new enterprise or changes in lifestyle.

* What have you been stalling over finishing?
* What are you looking to begin?
* What do you need to get rid of to make space?
* What negative thoughts or beliefs are preventing your growth?

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is designed to give you a direct experience of your soul. It works to bring balance to the glandular and endocrine system, freeing negativity held within the body and raising you to a more positive vibration.

About the Gong –

Our deep Gong relaxation (like at the end of a yoga class; you simply lie down on your mat, comfy with cushions and blankets and let the waves of gong vibrations wash over you) uses Pluto and Neptune tuned gongs. Pluto is all about transformation and Neptune the remover of illusion, taking us right down into dream state and offering soft, watery, emotional understanding. This will promote clearance of the chakras, releasing energy and supporting healing at an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

About Cacao –

The shamanic plant medicine that I import is grown with love and ceremony in mind by The Cacao Tribe in Guatemala. The Shaman there calls Cacao ‘the food for the shift’ and has travelled around the world sharing its benefits.

It is simply raw chocolate, in its most pure form. And works to increase the blood flow to your heart and head, thereby improving the connection between heart and mind, developing emotional intelligence and giving you greater insight.

Cacao is packed with health benefits, which you can read about here –

Many antidepressants do NOT mix with the tryptophan and MSO (Monoamine Oxidase) Inhibitors in cacao. Google your medication. Those with any heart conditions should go easy – cacao works as a stimulant, much like coffee (though it doesn’t contain caffeine). Cacao is a vasodilator, opening blood vessels, increasing flow and reducing blood pressure if high. Go easy at first if you have low blood pressure.


Please come to the workshop with a light stomach – a large brunch would probably work best. We will be stopping for snacks and tea about half way through.

Bring a notebook and pen for private exploratory writing.


£30 without Cacao
£40 with full ceremonial dose Cacao

£35 for Summer Solstice attendees.

Let nature guide you this Autumn by making space in your body and mind. Shift from doing to being and use this time to reflect, restore and refocus your energies for the rest of the year.

Please, send me a message to confirm your place: 07824813682 /

Do get in touch if you have any further questions too.
Looking forward to journeying with you.
Big Love, Roisin