Awaken To Tantra

Tantra is love, it is connection, it is our true state.

This entry-level weekend harnesses:

* Tantric Techniques
* Sexual Shamanism practices
* Kundalini Yoga

Weaved to cultivate and generate our life force energy, which includes our sexual energy, our potential for creativity and self-expression in this life-time.

Many of us have become disconnected, numbed, and lacking in self-esteem. This weekend will assist you:

* back into connection (starting with YOU)
* to feel more or support you to work with all you do feel
* to feel empowered to also choose pleasure, if you so desire.

We will be offering tools to connect deeper with YOU, guiding you to explore inner masculine and feminine energies such as giving and receiving, culminating in a beautiful self-love ceremony.

<<<What will I take home?>>>

– How to use pleasure – to expand your orgasmic potential and affect personal transformation – rather than sitting with pain or dissatisfaction

– Reconnection with your emotional body, which will help you to respond rather than react to situations, heal your emotional wounds, and deepen your intimacy in relating with yourself, and others

– Connection with your subtle sexuality; the refined movements of sexual energy in the body

– Tools to integrate mature feminine and masculine energies within, offering greater levels of wholeness

– Practical skills to support the nervous system to increase resilience to period of stress.

<<<Who is this weekend for?>>>

This workshop is suitable for everyone.

Individuals, friends or couples seeking to expand their personal freedom, and enhance pleasure in their being through exploring deeper levels of union with self.

Irrespective of whether you are a complete beginner to the world of Tantra, sacred sexuality or conscious relating, or you have many years of experience, you’ll learn new skills and know more about yourself than you did before the experience.


At the beginning of our time together, we will establish boundaries together, so that every participant feels fully honoured and supported in moving only as fast and as far as their sense of safety permits.

No one is required to do anything they do not want to do, so each person decides their level of involvement, without peer group pressure.

<<<What does this experience cost?>>>

Cost for 2 days not including food or accommodation – £135

<<< What is the schedule?>>>

10 am – 7pm on Saturday and Sunday with lunch and tea breaks. You can either bring your own lunch or eat out at the many cafes & restaurants near the venue.

<<<Where can I register?>>>

Please make payment via PayPal to the address below using the ‘friends and family’ option to avoid charges –


Mail –


Ookushana, 94b Harrogate Road, Leeds

***About the facilitators***

With their unique, diverse backgrounds, Roisin & Binoy weave Kundalini Yoga, Shamanism, Sound Healing, Tantra and Temple Arts. They connect with the natural rhythm of the seasons to open the tender, intimate, sexual, human dance as a pattern woven deeply and subtly from the natural rhythms that nurture us.

Roisin Allana Kiernan

Roisin is a mystic Tantrika, born and bred in London with Celtic roots and a free-spirited nature. Her working career started as a music journalist before merging into creative writing and vibration raising events. She now offers visionary fiction infused with spiritual messages plus events ranging from Tantra and Kundalini Yoga Sacred Site Activation Journeys, The Lighthouse Collective festival tent, and Cacao Ceremonies blending Celtic Shamanism, Tantra, body-mind movement meditation, and Gong-driven sound healing.

Binoy Milton D’souza

Binoy/ Love Movement Evolution is an international transformational facilitator, tantric guide, soul doula & creator of global temple arts events. Growing up in both urban and rural India, Binoy was fascinated by the places of synergy and separation between the mystical and the logical. Binoy moved to Europe in his early 20s to experience wisdom traditions from other parts of the world, seeking a deeper syncretic meaning to life. Alongside, he continued his solo tantric studies, while exploring embodied practices and traditions such as Argentinian Tango, Yoga, & Trans-Himalayan Shamanism. Binoy is the creator of Love Movement Evolution, a global cultural movement integrating consciousness, sexuality, love, & stillness and also of the Spirit of Intimacy festival. He is also apprentice faculty at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).