Embody Your Soul Purpose // Kundalini, Book Launch + Live Music

Join Roisin Allana Kiernan for the launch of her new book—
Embody Your Soul Purpose
with Tantric Numerology, Kundalini Yoga and The Ten Bodies.

Plus live music from Pariss Elektra.

Book your £15 ticket here. The book will be available to people at the launch party for a reduced price of £10!

The Yoga Kula community have been such a supportive base for Roisin, so it feels fitting to host her experiential book launch at the cosy Kula studio.

She is excited to share an experiential taster of her book in this kundalini yoga-based workshop.

About the book >>>

Accessible and beautifully presented, the book, Embody Your Soul Purpose, guides you into using Tantric Numerology alongside Kundalini Yoga’s system of The Ten Bodies.

Tantric Numerology’s simple calculations with your Date of Birth will provide five key numbers – your challenges and strengths in this lifetime.

These numbers are your very own Tree of Life
(your Soul, Karma, Gift, Destiny, and Path numbers, relating to your Father, Peers/Siblings, Mother, Children/Work, and Partner).

These Tree of Life numbers also correspond with Kundalini Yoga’s system of The Ten Bodies – giving you Kriyas (yoga sets for change) and Meditations to help you become more aware of and work with or through these strengths and challenges.

What to expect >>>

We’ll open the workshop by singing the Adi Mantra together – Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. This is how all traditional Kundalini Yoga sessions begin. It means ‘I bow to the divine within’.

Pariss Elektra created and recorded her own version of the Adi Mantra and is playing the music LIVE for us, her soulful voice supporting our own experience of the divine mantra.

You’ll be invited to sing along with us, though listening will be just as beneficial and enjoyable.

A short, full power, Kundalini Yoga set will follow –
Awakening to your Ten Bodies.

Next Pariss sings her own mellow version of the Adi Mantra whilst you get to enjoy a long and deep Shivasana: relaxation.

We’ll then come back together to enjoy another simple Mantra Meditation that’s designed to help you conquer the wisdom of the past, present, and future, bringing peace and prosperity.

Afterwards >>>

You’ll have the opportunity to buy a pre-released copy of the book, have it signed by Roisin, and ask any questions you might have about the book or kundalini yoga whilst chatting with like-minded people.

Tea and cake will be provided.