Khajuraho Tantric Temples, India – The secret language of love

<<<The Invitation>>>
Inviting beings from all over the world to explore Tantra at one of it’s birth places in India, Khajuraho. This 5 day,/6 night journey is an opportunity to strengthen and tune the vibration of your body with Kundalini Yoga and Tantric Movement Alchemy, sacred song circles with the Baul Tantric Mystics, connect with 24 other beings from the world to prepare our bodies to receive the vibrations of the sacred tantra temples of Khajuraho – tantric mysteries carved in stone.

We carry keys and codes in our soul’s vibrational signature that resonate with different physical power places on the planet. At pivotal moments in our lifetime, we are called to show up in these places and discover the magic of our multi-dimensionality and the mystery and memories waiting to be activated in these time-spaces.
Khajuraho was built in a scientific manner, to support evolution by using Tantric methods. The temples of Khajuraho, similar to the pyramids, ancient temple sites, & stone circles are living libraries of vibration. When these libraries interface with the libraries contained in our own vibration, we have the potential to unlock the memories of the past, both personal and collective, together with the infinite possibilities and potential of our combined future.

This is also an opportunity to experience the living culture of Tantra that the Baul mystics humbly embody and learn more about the teachings of Goraknath, a tantric adept who was one of founders of a vibrant community of tantriks living in the city now known as Khajuraho over 3000 years ago.

Our tour guide for these temples is Swami Ganga, a renowned expert on Khajuraho. He will share some of the secret Tantric teachings, passed on to him directly by Osho.

The retreat starts at 5 pm on the 15 Jan, 2018 and runs until 1 pm on the 21 Jan, 2018. Book here –

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<<<About Khajuraho & Gorakhnath>>>
Khajuraho is an energy vortex, one of the birth-places of Tantra in India. Built over a 1000 years ago, some of the most graphic, erotic and sensuous sculptures the world has known are on the temple walls of Khajuraho. Every facade – wall, window, pillar, and ceiling – of Khajuraho is carved with figures of mythical and historical origins. Tantric adepts from all over the sub-continent came to Khajuraho.

Osho, the Indian mystic in his commentary on the temples stated
“..if you meditate there, you will know what the Tantra masters were doing. They were creating in stone something that is felt in the ultimate orgasmic joy. It was the most difficult thing to do, to bring ecstasy into the stone. And if the stone can show the ecstasy, then everybody can move into that ecstasy easily. Khajuraho sculpture is not just to see, it is for meditation.
Sit silently and meditate for hours. If one goes to Khajuraho, one should live at least for three months there, so he can
meditate on each possible inner posture of orgasmic joy. And then, slowly slowly, the at-onement, slowly slowly, the harmony; then suddenly you are transported into another world — the world of those mystics who created this temple. This is objective art…….”

Over 3000 years ago, one of the foundation stones in the creation of the city of Khajuraho was Gorakhnath. Osho in his commentary on Gorakhnath called “Die, oh yogi die” called Gorakh one of the four foundation stones of Indian mysticism. Gorakh is direct and to the point, earthy, an “unpolished diamond” who doesn’t allow any detours or side – stepping on the path to self – realization.

<<<About the Baul Tantric Mystics>>>
Die oh yogi, die, wrote Gorakhnath who was the founder of a tantric community that lived at Khajaraho about 3000 thousand years ago.To become a tantric, the yogi must die. The discipline drops away as a living energy, the kundalini Shakti, rises up and takes over. A tantric is alive and free beyond a disciplined path (Note: a discipline must be followed first in order to be dropped!)

Yet there is another step from even tantric, and that is to become the Baul Mystic. The Baul has surrendered all to the bliss of Shakti. A Baul is animated by a life force that consumes personal will and instead becomes divine will incarnate.

Osho once described the Yogi , Tantric and Baul as three tables of people in a cafe: the yogi makes the tea, the tantric hands the tea out and the Baul is drinking it.
That tea is bliss, bhav…the nectar of life. The Yogi is cultivating it. The Tantric is giving it out. The Baul is getting drunk on it!

<<<Typical daily schedule>>>

Below is a rough schedule of the 5-day journey. We will be flexible with this schedule, feeling into the needs of the participants to have fun, enjoyable, learning experiences.

8 – 9 am – Kundalini Yoga Activation or Tantric Movement Alchemy meditations.

9:00 – 10:00 – Breakfast at hotel – included in package.

10.30 – 12.30 – Land journey to the temples or morning tantra session

13:00 – 14:00 – Lunch at hotel – included in package.

14:30 – 18:00 – Land journeys, guided tour, ritual and secret meditations in the temples (Western Temples, Eastern Temples, Yogini Temple) with Binoy, Roisin & Swami Ganga. Activations at the temple sites with the Baul mystics.

Daily monument fees are not included and these vary depending on nationality and are around 10 Euros a day for mostwesteners. We recommend also taking time to wander around the local town and the tribal museum as there are many interesting facets of Indian life down the centuries to be seen.

18.30 – 19:30 – Dinner at hotel – included in package.

20:00 – 22:00 – Evening ritual, sacred song circle, ceremony (fire, cacao or other), ecstatic dance, cuddle party or evening tantra session.

<<<Energetic Exchange>>>
350 Euros including food and accommodation (double sharing)
450 Euros including food and accommodation (single)
650 Euros per couple (2 people) including food and accommodation (double sharing)

Contact Roisin on or Binoy on

Book using tickets her –

<<<Nutrition & Accommodation>>>
Our venue for the gathering is Hotel Harmony, a simple hotel run by Swami Ganga. It is a 15 minute drive from Airport and a 5 minutes walking distance from the western temples. The amenities include: Internet & Laundry – Same day, if giving by 9 AM. Simple vegetarian food.
Hotel Harmony, Khajuraho, India

<<<Getting to the location>>>
Khajuraho airport, with a brand new terminal opened in 2016, is 5km south of town. Jet Airways ( flies from Delhi to Khajuraho and back, via Varanasi in both directions, daily from October to April. Air India flies three times weekly from Delhi to Khajuraho via Varanasi and Agra, then back to Delhi via Varanasi, year-round.

Transport Options
Taxis to or from the airport cost approx ₹300 from the airport to the hotel.

<<<About the Facilitators>>>
Binoy Milton D’souza
I was made in India for sunny, blue skies full of exotic smells; to find beauty and harmony in chaos.
I speak 7 languages including the language of embodied poetry, Argentinian Tango. After spending 23 years in India, I’ve spent the last 11 years living in Belgium, Argentina & Sweden, traveling around the world.

As a dancer & former engineer, I am passionate about the synergy between shamanism, sacred sexuality, science & consciousness. I love exploring the dance between chaos, form, and field. I support human beings in the process of making their consciousness malleable, to feel the sacredness of their animal-selves & from a place of deeper alignment their being, to remember their deepest longing.

I have facilitated & co-created sacred sexuality trainings, retreats, workshops, & festivals in Sweden, Denmark, Guatemala, Brazil, India, Bali, England, Scotland, Iceland & Poland. I am the creator of the Love Movement Evolution and the Its Cold Up North Dance Tango Projects.

I am also apprentice faculty at ISTA, the International school of the Temple Arts.

For more information, see

Roisin Allana Kiernan (Hari Prem)
Roisin Allana is a born and bred Londoner with Celtic roots and a free-spirited nature. She draws on over 20 years of Yoga experience, as well as Shamanic and Tantric techniques.

For more information, see

The Baul Tantric Mystics
The Bauls are the Indian Sufis, mystical musicians from Bengal. They sing from the heart and pour out their feelings and emotions in their songs. Their music reflects bonds of the heart, subtly revealing the mystery of life, the laws of nature and the ultimate union with the divine. A Baul is a mystic nomad dealing with human relations, emotions and spontaneously expressing their spiritual ideology through music & dance. The music of the Bauls, Baul Sangeet, is a particular type of folk music. Its lyrics carry influences of the Hindu bhakti movements and the songs of Kabir. Their music represents a long heritage of preaching mysticism through songs in Bengali. Their lyrics intertwine a deep sense of mysticism, a longing for oneness with the divine. They seek the divinity in human beings. Metaphysical topics are dwelt upon in a humble fashion and in simple words. To them we are all a gift of divine power and the body is a temple, music being the path to connect to that power.

The great Indian mystic Osho Says “A Baul is a flowering. A Baul is a flowing energy. The Baul is not a seeker, the Baul is one who has found. The Baul is a SIDDHA: one who has looked into life and realized that all is available and there is no need to seek. One has just to participate in this mystery called life. He dances, he sings, he enjoys, he is blissful for no reason at all.”

About the instruments:
The Bauls use ancient shamanic instruments that tune the human body to the universal cosmic frequency. The most common instrument used is the ektara, a one-stringed “plucked drum” drone instrument, carved from the epicarp of a gourd, and made of bamboo and goatskin. Others include the dotara, a long-necked fretless lute (while the name literally means “two stringed” it usually has four metal strings) made of the wood of a jackfruit or neem tree. Drums like the duggi, a small hand-held earthen drum, and and khol; small cymbals called khartal and manjira, and the bamboo flute are also used. Ghungur and nupur are anklets with bells that ring while the person wearing them dances. They also play the “ananda -lahori” which literally translated means “waves of ecstacy”.

About their songs:
The songs of the Bauls highlight the essence of Tantra in many ways. They will have a dialogue with the six psychic centers in the subtle body to the primal memories of the soul wandering in the mother’s womb. Their songs dance with the dormant state of cosmic energy or Kundalini energy in the body. They also transmit the essence of the immortality of the soul through poetry.

Swami Ganga
Swami Ganga met Osho in the 1960’s and subsequently, became his guide during Osho’s many visits to Khajuraho. By luck, chance or destiny, while still a teenager, Swami Ganga found himself in the hands of one of the greatest Tantra Masters ever born. Osho proceeded to offer Ganga a powerful transmission on the nature of Khajuraho, including it’s original intent, it’s esoteric history and also about each aspect of the symbolism of these magnificent temples. Swami Ganga gave tours in these temples for 45 years, before going into half retirement. He currently devotes his time between running his Harmony Hotel in Khajuraho and offering his sublime presence and wisdom to groups of seekers who come from all over the world, to drink in his eloquent wisdom.
watch a video with him here –