Kundalini Yoga & Blissful Gong Bath: Soul Shine Series

An 8 Week Journey
We are honoured to invite you to 8 weekly sessions, supporting you to shine in your own unique way, guided by the esteemed Roisin Allana Kiernan (Hari Prem Kaur),
from Wednesday October 2nd – November 20th 2019
A 2-hour journey into the soul,
accompanied by a long, deep, cosmic Gong Bath relaxation.
Utter bliss.
An excerpt from Rosin below…
“Your soul has been whispering sweet songs to you for lifetimes and it
seems you’re ready to listen. You’re ready to sing your own song, in
harmony with the world. You’re ready to shine your own unique radiant
light; by mining the dark; by sourcing your gems of contradictions; your
colourful creations of masks and inhibitions. And owning all of you.
Underpinned with the rich foundations of Tantric Numerology, Kundalini
Yoga and The Ten Bodies, Hari Prem will take you on a journey through
your own Soul’s Tree of Life – through the strengths and challenges you
chose to incarnate with in this lifetime. BOOM!
Each week she’ll take time to relate the session to your very own
journey, intuitively weaving over 20 years of yogic, shamanic, and
tantric wisdom, supporting you to set yourself free!
Come, beautiful souls. Come and board your caravan of life, where
stories abound, and the merri-go-round makes for fascinating play. You
are the hero of your life, if only you’d realise that you are the
writer. Let us re-write your stories, putting you back in the centre,
dropping anything no longer worth your while, and supporting your true Soul Purpose to come shining through.”
Investment: £100
We are truly proud to be offering this wonder-full course in our sacred space…as ever, any questions or for direct booking, please don’t hesistate to get in touch <3
Love always,