WORKSHOP: Learning To Dance With Life

Dance to the beat of your own drum
Lean-in to the collective energy of your Tribe
Tune into the vibration of life’s calling


Join Yula’s Kundalini Yoga teacher, Roisin Allana Kiernan and Life Coach, Karen Heras-Kelly for a magical journey that will help you to flow with the current of your life force.

• Have you found yourself striving through life?
• Are you resisting or saying ‘no’ to your inner longings?
• Do you want to be free from old, life restricting habits and beliefs

Come and experience the power of your body’s wisdom, learn to let it guide you and start to work with the subtle pulse of others.

This is an opportunity to open your heart, lean-in to others and discover the meaning of true intimacy. Reflect, understand and transform with our fun, engaging and potent tools.

We have to learn to truly love ourselves, embrace the wisdom in our bodies then move from that place of inner knowing. We need to rekindle the joy of working with others in a collaborative rather than competitive way.

Will you say ‘YES’ to the deep, resonant desire, stirring within you?
Then join us – dance gracefully and with intent into the true you.

I am excited to be co-creating this workshop with the wonderful Life Coach, Karen Heras-Kelly. Karen specialises in empowerment life coaching and leadership training, and helps to create clarity, and positive movement in your life. Her mission is to connect people like you to your inner power. She will take you on a journey that helps you to build and nurture a life affirming relationship with the real, authentic YOU.
She is committed to unlocking the power, beauty and wisdom of the divine feminine and sacred masculine energies that reside inside us all, and dreams of a world where we are not divided by both our gender and or self imposed limitations.