Awakening the Beltane Fire with Kundalini Yoga & Tantra

Tantra Retreat, Yorkshire

This Tantra Retreat will use Shamanic Kundalini Yoga, Tantric practices, and tools from the Temple Arts to explore the feminine and masculine mysteries through the body-mind at high vibrational sacred sites. An opportunity to receive Grail wisdom in the activated lands of Yorkshire, culminating with a beautiful self-love ceremony, for YOU! Beltane is a Celtic or Pagan fire festival celebrating the beginning of summer and the sacred marriage of gods and goddesses. The intention of this Tantra Retreat is to support you to embody the union of the divine within you too.


The Retreat Richmond
Set in 6 acres of land The Retreat lies within the sheep country of the Yorkshire Dales….

About the facilitators:
Roisin Allana Kiernan 
Roisin is a clairsentient psychic, born and bred in London with Celtic roots and a free-spirited nature. Her working career started as a music journalist before merging into creative writing and vibration raising events. She now offers visionary fiction infused with spiritual messages plus events ranging from Tantra Retreat and Kundalini Yoga Sacred Site Activation Journeys, The Lighthouse Collective festival tent, and Cacao Ceremonies blending Celtic Shamanism, Tantra, body-mind movement meditation, and Gong-driven sound healing.

Binoy Milton D’souza
Binoy co-creates group fields celebrating the mystery of love all over the planet. He loves exploring paradoxes and the dance beyond dualities: mind and animal; masculine and feminine; spirit and body; personality and soul. He is committed to exploring the depths and the heights of the journey of being human. He is also apprentice faculty at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).

More Information:

Shamanic Kundalini Yoga and Temples Arts/Tantric exercises will open our bodies and assist us in dropping deeper in to receiving Grail wisdom. This, paired with visits to ancient Celtic-Pagan sites in the area, including the UK’s biggest stone circle complex, Thornborough Henge, as well as the powerful turning point of the year – Beltane – will aid us in merging inside and outside in Sacred Union.
Beltane is a Celtic fire festival, celebrating the beginning of summer and symbolising the mystery of sacred marriage. During Beltane in early May, several five-petalled flowers bloom across the world. The Hawthorn, or May flower, is most prominent in England at this time. This tree is often decorated to create a MayPole, which people dance around in order to call on the tree spirit to support their missions. Fairies or nature spirits are also associated with this tree and the goal of many Beltane rituals is to appease them! Fairies or spirits are said to be especially active during this time (as at the paralleled Celtic fire festival of Samhain or Halloween).
Yorkshire’s emblem is also the White Rose, a five petalled flower that takes our focus on inner union one step further. The five petalled flower is synonymous with the pentagram, which has five points merging the elements and magickal powers (it is also known at the symbol of the witch). These five petalled flowers are self-fertilising, meaning that their union within is complete. This all stretches back to Grail wisdom – the mergence of masculine and feminine within.
Yorkshire was once the largest Celtic settlement in England. Then called Brigantia, it was ruled by the first Queen of England, Cartimandua, whose tribe was said to be one of the most militant at that time. They were also one of the last tribes to be conquered by the Romans and their conquest has anthropologists associating this with the King Arthur love triangle mystery; or the fight over the land.
Mysteries aside, this is a fertile time for the land – our Great Mother Earth’s revival on the Goddess wheel and one which we can call into our own lives, whether in male or female bodies. Utilise this regenerative time, reconnect with nature, outside and inside. Come join our Tantra Retreat. Celebrate YOU!