Noisily Festival of Music & Arts 2019


Explore Intimacy with Tantric-infused Kundalini Yoga

We have medicine for each other, which is why we’re drawn to certain people – to share gifts. Get in touch with your own energy system, with what’s moving in you, then you can start to alchemise these shared gifts into medicine for your whole being.

Using Kundalini Yoga’s system of The Ten Bodies, we’ll start by getting in touch with our own energy. Then we’ll connect with each other – through dance, meditative techniques, and open discussion. All with live music, improvised to flow with the energy of the group.

By truly, intimately listening to ourselves and each other, and then vulnerably sharing, we can create a life based on delicious harmonious connection.

Leave feeling energised, empowered & glowing from within for the weekend ahead.