Sexual Shamanism In Motion

Join us to explore intimacy, within boundaries and in a safe container, starting with ourselves before moving into exercises with others (if agreed).

Walking, Embracing, and Vibrating …
… will be the 3 simple building blocks for intimacy exploration.
Each representing interchangeable metaphors for …
… Shamanism, Sexuality, and Spirituality …
The basic vocabulary of a language of play and intimacy.

Binoy & Roisin invite you to an evening of sharing tantra, movement, & the temple arts.

This event is related to the Sexual Shamanism – Embodied Introduction happening on the 13th of July at Ookushana in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. Both events can also be attended separately.

<<<What happens during Sexual Shamanism – In Motion?>>>
The afternoon unfolds in 3 parts:

Opening Circle – Introduction, group agreements, & setting the frame for the exploration.

Experiential – We create intimacy with ourselves first. With curiosity, we explore authentically sharing intimacy with others, within our boundaries in a safe container. We explore using 3 simple building blocks – walking, embrace & vibration, interchangeable metaphors for shamanism, sexuality & spirituality as the basic vocabulary of a language of play & intimacy. We use this new language in three dimensions – vertically in motion, horizontally in stillness, & within to connect with self, others, & the larger group. Entering into the state of flow; of timelessness, wordlessness, & spaciousness, where presence and surrender commune we explore yin & yang – feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves with others acting as mirrors.

Closing Circle – How to incorporate new reference points in our bodies & lives.

– How to connect with, generate and circulate life-force energy in the body
– What masculine and feminine energies feel like in your body.
– How to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and stimulate vagal nerve activity. This helps to support the nervous system to increase resilience to period of stress.
– How meeting the taboo, fear, shame, & guilt around sexuality & pleasure can lead to feeling more wholeness and aliveness

<<<What is Sexual Shamanism – In Motion? >>>
Have you broken through your organized state of mind? There are moments when we break through the organized frame of mind in pain or dissatisfaction, but sexual shamanism & pleasure can also facilitate breaking through the organized mind. We take a quantum jump into not-knowing and yet being precise. Suddenly this certainty creeps in, and we just KNOW, without any justification or past memory. In-formation; forms that come from inner structures, suddenly, simply arise. In-tuition or LEARNING FROM THE INSIDE.

For whom?
You can sign up as a sovereign, single being or with a friend or partner. Anyone who has a desire to connect and share more truthfully and deeply is welcome. No one is required to do anything they do not want to do, so each person decides their level of involvement, without peer group pressure. Irrespective of whether you are a complete beginner to the world of Tantra, sacred sexuality or conscious relating, or you have many years of experience, you’ll learn new skills and know more about yourself than you did before the afternoon.

<<<Prior Experience, Touch, Nudity & Sexual content?>>>
No prior experience in meditation, energetic work, or sensual environments required. The afternoon is fully clothed. There will be invitations to participate in consensual touch, and you choose your level of participation. The afternoon does not have a specific sexual objective. The intensity level is light to medium.

<<<Price + How to sign up?>>>
Tickets cost £30 for the evening. Mail Roisin – to register.

<<<What to wear & bring to the event?>>>
– Wear loose comfortable clothing to move
– A human body, a compassionate heart, and an open mind
– Something warm to cover yourself, a yoga mat & a pillow to help you feel more cosy, and your own bottle of water to be environmentally friendly.