The Art of Erotic Prayer – Women’s Initiation Retreat

There are ancient mysteries awaiting to be revealed to those ready to remember.

This is a retreat to reclaim an inherent power.
To remember a natural art.
To grant yourself unprecedented permission.


The concept of prayer got hijacked by organised religions limiting our imagination, our intuition and robbing us from some of the purest tools to access divine consciousness, ecstasy and manifestation human beings have access to.

In this retreat you’ll receive transmissions on the unbounded possibilities of prayer through meditative, ritualistic and embodied practices devised to provide you with key reference points to develop your own erotic prayer form.


“Where attention goes energy flows”

Erotic energy is the mightiest force we have access to within our human body. Where is our attention sending it towards? Where is our focus while it surges through our system?

The processes in this retreat will help you feel, understand and remember the importance of presence, ritual and intention setting within the realm sexual energy activation. Through shamanic and embodied awareness practises we will learn to move it through our body and direct with our will.



– A loving, supportive container of powerful sisters.
– Practical tools for expanded states of arousal.
– Initiation into the mysteries of Sex Magic.
– Identify and address blocks limiting your creative sexual energy.
– Initiations into creating sacred space, ritual and ceremony.

This will be a highly experiential retreat with gentle guidance and teachings woven into it. Nudity, self touch and authentic expression will be welcome and are not mandatory to receive the full benefits of the gathering. You will be supported in following your truth and ease in every moment.

It is for you if you’re ready to:

– Upgrade your sexual education and exploration.
– Feel empowered by pleasure.
– Begin to create the reality you truly desire to live.



Prices include tuition, accommodation at Cae Mabon and 6 vegetarian meals.

– Foundation £177 (SOLD OUT)
– Earlybird – £222 (SOLD OUT)
– Regular – £277 (5 available)

Please email to receive registration details.

You may secure your spot with a non-refundable deposit of £77.