Women’s Tantra, Level 2

Sistars, on Saint Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, it is with great pleasure, honour and trust that I invite you to our Level 2, Women’s Tantra course.

An opportunity to build on the foundations of our understanding – of the light and dark masculine and feminine energies that move through us; of our lineages; and the wisdom and power we have in our wombs to transmute such stories.

We will go deeper into the transmutation of pain into pleasure; opening the Womb Gates; and activating our remembrance as Priestesses with great portals of power.

Come, let us circle, and reawaken Woman.

Space is limited for this course to 6 women.

Please PM to book asap.

Investment is £100 for the full 6, 2hr sessions.


Women’s Tantra – Kundalini Yoga and Temple Arts Ritual