Women’s Tantra

Woman!  Do you know that you are a channel to the divine – a priestess.
Come, re-member your power, with Women’s Tantra.Inviting you to an intimate gathering of delicious deep diving and liberation into the power that is woman – the couldron of life.- Become aware of and cleanse ancestral wounds
– Get in touch with the wisdom of your womb
– Learn to give and take pleasure without fear, shame, or guilt
– Arouse your inner masculine to support you
– Drop old stories that block your true soul strength
– Feel the nourishment of sisterhood

Delivered through
Kundalini Yoga Meditations
and Temple Arts Ritual.

Let us gather and re-member.
The feminine way is returning…
Come join the party.

Women’s Tantra – Kundalini Yoga and Temple Arts Ritual

Please message me to book.
Only love,
Hari Prem Kaur (Roisin)